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I've been to Metnitz both in winter and summer. The nature is amazingly beautiful here – we walked on mountains and could not stop taking pictures. The town is very tidy and it has its local charms. People are kind, friendly and happy to welcome visitors which apparently doesn't happen so often here. The house has everything necessary for a comfortable living. In winter time it was a little cold downstairs, so we had to heat the room with the furnace. It was incredible that in summer we could combine holidays in mountains with holidays near the sea. We spent several days in Metnitz and afterwards headed towards Croatia and reached the Mediterranean Sea to take a swim already by noon!
— Karīna Līvmane

I spent my winter vacation together with friends in Austria, Metnitz. This is a small town, very quiet, tidy and pretty. One can enjoy picturesque sights all around there. Each day we spent in different ski resorts that are situated nearby. The selection of ski resorts is wide there, so everybody was happy.
— Agnese Zuševica

I'm glad that I've been two times to Metnitz, both in winter. I enjoyed the cosy house with wooden furniture where after a busy day on a hill we spent many joyful evenings playing board games and drinking the Austrian beer Edelweiss.
I myself am a fan of the Kreischberg ski resort and I recommend it to everybody else. It's located approximately 25 km from Metnitz. The slopes are very diverse there, one can find free-ride as well. During both my visits there was more snow here than in other ski resorts. 2010 they have installed a new and trendy chairlift that is painted orange.
I appreciated the fact that this resort has a non-commercial atmosphere compared to the large ski resorts where there are crowds of people. The prices are lower for skiing tickets, food and sports equipment. Another advantage is that one can choose a different ski resort each day, so it doesn't get boring.
I'm really looking forward to visit Metnitz during summer. I want to try rafting down a mountain river, take a swim in one of the crystal-clear mountain lakes, take a ride by bike down mountain paths, go mountain-hiking and eventually enjoy the Alpine air, colors and sights in summer!
— Kristīne Hakimova

The house is easily accessible by car. We went there by car from the Frankfurt-Hahn airport, and from Milan the other time. This is really comfortable and gives you a feeling of freedom – one can go skiing or stay in the house if one wishes so. This is important personally for me.
The house is small (a two-storey house), but it has two showers and a sleeping place for eight persons (maybe more). The house is equipped with all necessary – a comfortable kitchen with a dish-washer, a fire-place and a TV-set in the dining room, a washing machine which is also important. People in Metnitz are very friendly and you are always surrounded by fantastic mountain sights! Popular ski resorts are located just in an hour/a couple of hours ride by car. Smaller local ski resorts are situated closer and that allows enjoying skiing without a hurry. I recommend it to everybody!
A perfect choice for people with an active style of living :-)
— Irēna Linde

I’ve visited the holiday house in Metnitz three times, always during winter. We had a skiing trip together with colleagues from my work. The little house is comfortable and cosy. Its location is very convenient, being not far from ski resorts. You don’t need to drive far to get to ski. The most important thing is not to sleep long in the mornings not to lose the entire day because the slopes are open when it’s light outside. Remember that shops are closed on Sundays – don't forget to buy enough food. :)
One can easily forget the everyday routine, live together with friends, make a dinner together, play board games in the evenings and attend the local disco (we didn’t try this but we should have!). I’m sure that I’ll return there, probably in winter, and if I have free time I’d like to try mountain-hiking – it’s very healthy.

— Līvija Jegorova

Metnitz is a suitable place for those who want to enjoy a quiet and nice atmosphere of a small Alpine village and in addition have an active holiday in the Alps free from tourist crowds. Most of the time you will be the only tourists in near and far. We met herds of sheep and cows more often than people. It is very common there, and the animals look at you with a great interest.
Local villagers are kind and friendly, but they are nosy about strangers too. Gut this nosiness won't bother you ;) The most talkative ones come about and start a conversation. Don't be surprised if someone knocks on the door at night just to inquire how you are and where you are from.
There are many marked mountain paths with different length that start from the very center of the Metnitz town. They are suitable for hiking, and one does not need special equipment or climbing skills, just comfortable clothing and footwear. The Alpine air is very good and clean. On the first days I was even a little dizzy, coming from an urban city.
In order to reach the town one needs a private or rented car that will be used also for traveling around the vicinity. There are two beautiful ancient cities nearby - Friesach and Murau. The city of Grebenzen has one of the longest alpine slides in Austria (we were lucky to visit it in the beginning of autumn, and we were the only ones enjoying the ride!). They also have a sauna and several swimming pool complexes. A little while after Klagenfurt you can reach the ravine Tscheppa Schlucht. It is physically more demanding, and there are amazing sights.
There are several shops in the village of Metnitz where one can buy all necessary to prepare meals. I think that the choice of food was even wider and more qualitative compared to a standard city supermarket. But pay attention to their working hours – up to 6 PM during working days, up to noon on Saturdays. On Sundays everything is closed.
Don't expect big night parties out but there will be plenty of time to observe stars if the sky is clear enough :)
— Inese Ozola