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Getting there

Address of the house: Austria, Metnitz A9363, Marktplatz 16.

By car
From Riga by car - 1600 km, you need 22 hours without a hurry. You can drive either through Slovakia or the Czech Republic. It’s obligatory to buy a vignette at the filling station! Price is around 6 EUR. In Austria a vignette for autobahns is also necessary - around 7 EUR for 10 days (please check the prices, as they can change). If you get tired on the way, you can stay overnight in Poland – for instance, at the FOX hotel 100 km from Warsaw in the direction of Austria.
We advise you to use a navigator (the older version of TomTom doesn’t recognize the house number 16, but you can enter number 1 - it is the opposite house).

By plane – airport connections:
Vienna airport to Metnitz: 282 km, the approximate driving time 3 hours and 15 minutes.
Franz Josef Strauß airport in Munich to Metnitz: 347 km, the approximate driving time 3 hours and 50 minutes.
Venice airport to Metnitz: 319 km, the approximate driving time 3 hours and 40 minutes.
Malpensa airport in Milan to Metnitz: 568 km, the approximate driving time 5 hours and 40 minutes.
Frankfurt Hahn airport to Metnitz: 707 km, the approximate driving time 7 hours.
Bergamo Orio al serio airport to Metnitz: 526 km, the approximate driving time 5 hours.
Klagenfurt airport to Metnitz: only 60 km, and the approximate driving time is 54 minutes.

By public transport – the most convenient way to reach Metnitz is from Klagenfurt. You have to go by train to the Friesach town. The train departs from the central station of Klagenfurt. The length of the drive is approximately 50 minutes. You can drive from Friesach to Metnitz with a cab, the distance is around 15-17 km. You can go also by bus, however it runs infrequently - mostly in the mornings.
Further information in the German railway home page: www.db.de

Taxi within the territory of Gemeinde (rural municipality) of Metnitz costs 3.20 euros (2014), irrespective of the number of kilometres covered. This service is convenient if you wish to see one of the taverns in the vicinity.