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Mountain hiking

There are 11 marked walking paths in Metnitz with the total length 92 km and with a recreational area of 223 square km. Walking paths lead from the valley through forests and over mountain meadows that are located up to 2000 meters beyond the sea level. The majority of hiking routes are suitable for families with small children.
More complicated mountain routes and mountain climbing is offered as well.
Hiking on different routes is organized several times a week. Night hiking is possible as well. Hiking maps are available in the information centres for tourists.

Kreischberg is a nice place for mountain hiking. You can lift up with a gondola and go for a walk through the Alpine meadows, enjoy the marvellous panorama and drop in some cosy mountain tavern. Likewise several walking routes to mountain lakes are launched.
Route: starts from Stadl at Mur. This route leads past the Mur cycle path Reitermühle at Lunzenbach next to the road No. 130, then past the Hansbauer country farm to the mountain houses of Esebeck in the direction of the Kreischberg peak (2118 m), Kirbisch (2140 m) and Goldachnock (2171 m).
Alternative: from the Hansbauer country farm past the hiking path No. 11, past the Kalvarien mountain chapel back to Stadl. Start at 870 m, peak 1981 m.

In Frauenalpe there are easy walking routes through Alpine meadows that are optimal for families. Beautiful faraway views to the distant mountain range of Tauern, Gurktal Alps, and towards Karawanken. Starts by the Murauer mountain house, then leads along path No. 109 to the peak, height 2004 m. Walking time both ways about 2 hours.
Alternative: you can make your way up the path No. 109 from Murau, walking time to the parking-lot: 2.5 hours.
Stolzalpe, located about 29 km from Metniz. This mountain hiking route starts by the shop in the Billa Murau town, and continues towards Sonnweg as far as the Stolzalpe peak 1817 m. Path number 909. The path is quite easy and there is a beautiful view to the Frauenalpe peaks. Duration: around 7 hours.

Krakautal (Krakaudorf-Krakauebene-Krakauschatten) is situated 45 km from Metniz. There are excellent mountain hiking routes there too.
1) "Der Preber", the path starts by the Klausnerberg-Säge parking-lot after Krakauebene, duration around 8 hours, height 2741 m.
2) "2 Törl trek", the path starts by the Klausnerberg-Säge parking-lot, duration around 8 hours, height 2194 m.
3) "Lower/upper Wildenkar lake", the path starts by the Etrach lake, duration around 5 hours, height 2053 m.
4) "Kalvarien mountain circle", starts after the Krakau village, by the Nordic Walking centre, duration around 1 hour, height 1306 m.

Katschtal (St. Peter/Schöder), around 78 km from Metniz. Several mountain hiking routes.

Glödnitz-Flattnitz is an ideal starting point for many hiking routes (for example Winterthaler, to the Eisenhut mountain, Weisses Kreuz – Hochrindl).
You can go up with the panoramic ski lift (1840 m) and enjoy the beautiful view with the highest mountain Eisenhut.
The ski lift works starting 12.07 by 07.09 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Wednesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays (except in bad weather). You can view the weather report here: www.flattnitzer-lifte.at (web camera).
Prices: for adults 5.00 euro, for children 3.00 euro. Discount with the KÄRNTEN CARD 40%.

Turracher Höhe from May until November with almost 1800 meters of height is a perfect place for those who love mountains. The ensamble of mountains and lakes is characteristic for Turracher Höhe. Turracher, Schwarz and Grün are the names of 3 idyllic mountain lakes that make Turracher Höhe a breathtakingly beautiful place.
4 main hiking routes are made available in the vicinity of Turracher Höhe.
1) "The way of sensations" is a family route. The path starts by the Turracher lake, duration around 1.5 hours, height 1763 m.
2) "To the Rinsen rock" - path starts by the Kornock ski lift, duration around 3.5 - 4 hours, height 2334 m.
3) The route of Eisenhut peak, starts by the Turracher lake, duration around 7.5 hours, height 2441 m.
4) Hohe - Steg circle, starts by the Hoher Steg parking-lot.
The largest cedar-pine wood of Austria stretches around Turracher Höhe. Cedar-pine is a special and rare coniferous tree. Those pines are especially sturdy, very cold‑resistant, slowly‑growing and reach even 1000 years of age.
The air in Turracher Höhe is especially healthy, crystal-clear and pollen-free. Allergic people appreciate this advantage.

Other possibilities for recreation in Turracher Höhe:
1. Hiking to the 3 closest lakes;
2. Near and more distant walking and mountain routes;
3. Running paths and Nordic walking routes;
4. Mountain cycling routes
5. 2 ski lifts: Kornockbahn and Panoramabahn
6. Angling in the Turracher lake
7. A tennis court
8. A walking path through the meadows of Nockberge national park
9. The reptile zoo Patergassen
10. Rafting in the Mur river
11. Horse riding and hiking in Bad Kleinkirchheim
12. 13 golf courses (can be reached in 15-90 minutes by car), Bad Kleinkirchheim being the closest.
13. Mountain church
14. Mur cycle path
15. Rodels (alpine slide) (work all year long)

Walking paths in Hochrindl

The neighbourhood of Hochrindl - Sirnitz and Deutsch-Griffen is a true land of Carinthian mountain meadows. The height here is around 800 to 2441 m above sea level. You can go for a walk on mountains and through meadows, enjoy the beautiful nature landscapes with lakes and forests. This region has received the Greenpeace climate protection award, hence the quality of air is very fine here. You can take a rest from everyday rush and gain energy. You can visit the historical mill, church or the castle of Albeck.