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Mountain skiing

Review of some closest mountains of the vicinity
Kreischberg **** 24 km from the house (included in the bergfex.at TOP 10 )
Grebenzen **** 27 km
Frauenalpe *** 22 km
Flattnitz ** 17 km
Turracher Hoehe ***** 62 km
Gerlitzen ***** 66 km
Bad Kleinkirchheim ***** 69 km
Obertauern ***** 82 km

Kreischberg (Sankt Georgen Ob Murau)

Situated 24 km from the house, height 868 - 2118 m, the total length of slopes 40 km.

An extremely good place for a company with various skill levels in skiing. The diversity of slopes, nice taverns and beautiful nature are the advantages of this place. The slopes are on the sunny side of the mountain. From the parking lot you can comfortably go up with a gondola (a tramway type ski lift) to two good slopes for beginners. When the beginner is feeling safer, he/she can switch from the beginners slopes to the blue slope that goes to the Mittelstation (gondola station in the middle), and then go up with a gondola again. This way the beginner can avoid the inconvenient drive up with the chairlifts or T-type ski lifts. However, the skiing from the Mittelstation down to the very bottom is quite „black”, therefore at the end of the day many skiers opt to go down with a gondola instead of skiing or a snowboarding down.
If you have not purchased the skiing attire or inventory, you can do that here (Murau Intersport – trademarks of popular brands, Spar shop at the turn to Kreischberg – cheap skiing attires and glasses, as well as several shops with reasonable prices next to the mountain). After skiing you can visit the Murau town – it has a very beautiful old town, and there is a swimming pool in it as well. There are several saunas at the swimming pool - Turkish, 90 degrees, Bio, and a descent water-pipe.

Benefits – good slopes of various levels, beautiful nature, pubs, ideal slopes for beginners that can be reached with a gondola, and a trampoline.
Disadvantages – quite many people during the popular months.

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Grebenzen (St. Lambrecht)

Located 27 km from the house, height 1000 - 1900 m, the total length of slopes 23 km.

There are enough slopes for 1-2 days, romantic sceneries. The upper blue slopes are very pleasant for an average rider as well as for a beginner (although it may be difficult for a beginning snowboarder to go up with a T-bar ski lifts). The lower slopes are pretty steep and wide, there is also a chairlift there. A suitable place for sports training (We have seen athletes from teams of Poland and Hungary training here). There are 2 good training slopes for absolute beginners near the parking lot at the base of the mountain.
Those who are interested in antiquity can visit the abbey in St. Lambrecht town that is well visible from the Grebenzen mountain. We recommend to attend the Vivarium near the Neumarkt town on your way back (vivarium with a crocodile and piranhas; there is also a modern swimming pool and a complex of saunas next to it).

Benefits – the diversity of slopes, a good place for beginners, wonderful views, not far from home. It was possible to buy the cheapest skies in the vicinity in Grebenzen in December (with fastenings and a day card 120 EUR).
Disadvantages - outdated chairlifts, ski lifts to the top of the mountain are unfriendly for snowboarders.

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Frauenalpe (Sankt Georgen Ob Murau)

Located 22 km from the house, height 1500 - 2000 m, the total length of slopes 10 km.

Located not far from the Kreischberg mountain and the beautiful Murau town, but you have to drive some 40 minutes with a car, as the last span of the road has a quite steep upslope. Beautiful, mostly mild slopes. You can enjoy the beauty of the wooded environment in a relaxed way and sit in a cosy tavern for a while. Real „Ladies’ Alps” as the title itself indicates. An ideal place for a beginner as well as for an average rider. Not quite suitable for very fast riders. The slopes are not many, but enough for one day.

Benefits: a paradise for beginners and easygoing riders. Beautiful, curved, quite easy slopes.
Disadvantages: only T-type ski lifts, there are no black slopes.

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Situated 17 km from the house, height 1400 - 1840 m, the total length of slopes 10 km.

The nearest skiing place. For lovers of nature and silence. Windy, long and beautiful forest slopes. A cross and a cow pasture on the top of the mountain, a wonderful view to the surroundings and a small tavern. There is also a tavern down the mountain, near the parking lot. Free ski lift for children.

Benefits – nearest ski resort to home, a good place both for training and a sharp ride, idyllic views, an uncommercial charm, few people. Also favoured by locals.
Disadvantages – old-fashioned (slow, without any cover from the wind) chairlift, few slopes.

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Turracher Hoehe (Turrach)

Situated 62 km from the house, height 1400 - 2205 m, the total length of slopes 38 km.

A quite large skiing resort without an overly big crowd, but at the same time those who like after-ski hangouts have places they can go to. A great variety of slopes, modern ski lifts. Picturesque views, a mountain lake, cross-country skiing, horse-riding, a real Viennese style tea-room. Sonnenseite (the sunny side) is the best. Usually – the best snow conditions.

Benefits – good slopes and ski lifts, cosy taverns, beautiful nature, an active resort life. Reclining chairs at the tops of the mountains.
Disadvantages – there are no slopes for absolute beginners. Quite far from the house. If it wasn’t so far, we would say that this place is the number 1 for experienced riders among skiing places of the vicinity!

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Located 82 km from the house, height 1740 - 2526 m, the total length of slopes 100 km.

A large, internationally famous skiing resort.
In order to completely enjoy all slopes of Obertauern at least a few days are needed. But compared to Turracher Höhe or Kreischberg the bustle is greater here. Still, there are no considerable queues to ski lifts. The landscape is quite severe – bare mountains almost without trees.
Benefits – the advantages of a large resort with different opportunities, an evening hangout possible in many pubs (for those who like that).
Disadvantages – large crowd, there are no good learning slopes for beginners, a rocky landscape.

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Gerlitzen (Annenheim)

Located 66 km from the house, height 1000 - 1911 m, the total length of slopes 46 km.

A very beautiful place, the lake is visible from the top of the mountain. The slopes are long, interesting and taken care of.

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Bad Kleinkirchheim

Located 69 km from the house, height 1100 - 2055 m, the total length of slopes is 103 km.

A large resort, many slopes, the atmosphere of after-skiparties, beautiful nature. However, as usual, there is also a greater crowd than in smaller skiing places. An impressive complex of saunas with a warm open-air pool directly opposite to the slopes! There is also a regular large pool and a pool for children next to it.

Benefits: all the advantages of a large resort. An excellently fitted-up complex of saunas and pools with a view to the slopes.
Disadvantages: the crowd, quite far from the house.

Further information: About the houseslapa vai Bergfex.at